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20th March Stu:   Keep In His Love
27th March Stu:   Father Strengthens Me

5th April 2020 Stu:   Come To Me
11th April 2020 Stu:   Easter Message
18th April 2020 Stu:   Hope And Reconciliation
25th April 2020 Stu:   His Vision For Us

2nd May 2020 Stu:   Entering His Joy
9th May 2020 Stu:   Comfortable With Weakness
23rd May 2020 Stu:   Dependent On The Spirit
30th May 2020 Stu:   Caught Up In His Hope

6th June 2020 Stu:   Comfort
20th June 2020 Stu:   Trust And Delight In The Lord

4th July 2020 Stu:   Hope, Faith And Love
11th July 2020 Stu:   Walking In Father's Love

1st August 2020 Stu:   He Is Our Helper
8th August 2020 Stu:   He Imparts Jesus' Life
15th August 2020 Stu:   Walking In Freedom
29th August 2020 Stu:   He Awakens Me Morning By Morning

5th Sept 2020 Message from Stu:   Follow His Presence
12th Sept 2020 Message from Stu:   Jesus The Good Shepherd
25th Sept 2020 Message from Stu:   Growing In Confidence

   3rd Oct 2020 Stu:    "Relying On Him"
   10th Oct 2020 Stu:   "Jesus The Living Bread"
   17th Oct 2020 Stu:   "Truth Sets You Free"   
   23rd Oct 2020 Stu:   "Empowering Love"   
   31st Oct 2020 Stu:    "Appointment With Fruitfulness"   

    7th Nov 2020 Stu:    "Living From Your Heart"   
   30th Nov 2020 Stu:   "Hearts Strengthened By Grace" 

   13th Dec 2020 Stu:   "The Faith And Love Found In Jesus" 
   19th Dec 2020 Stu:   "The Fullness Of Love" 

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